Little Things: Hot Season



Silas practicing his macaroni counting.


And painting his letters.


Girlies working on their multiplication tables using songs.  Claire got them all pretty well and Eliza is up to her 8’s/9’s.

The hot season is upon us! Full force.  Every year we forget exactly how it feels.  Then we remember. Afternoons tend to be the most painful.  In the morning we are sweaty but we have energy and fans to help us get through our homeschool work/outside the house work.  But afternoons when the world feels like an oven on full blast- the energy kind of goes out the window.  A few of the things we do to cope…

AIR CONDITIONING is our best friend right now. We’ve been letting the kids use it more for naps and nighttime. Silas has starting sleeping with the girls to make the most of the air con. When we have a choice, we pick a restaurant with air!

BUBBLE TEA. Our neighborhood has a new bubble tea place and we LOVE it. My favorite is red tea with passionfruit flavor and Tom loves the milk tea. They are a nice sweet, caffeinated boost to get through the day.



KIDDIE POOL. The kids are swimming most days. They are content to stay in there for quite awhile and there’s the bonus of getting clean at the same time.  Almost always accompanied by…




EATING OUTSIDE.  It’s hot out there too, but at least eating under the fan outside seems a little cooler. Usually we eat on the back patio picnic table but here the kids are having a driveway picnic Friday night by the pool. It’s definitely picnic weather. We’re eating more salad and not feeling like huge meals.

UMBRELLAS. An essential to walking down the street without getting an instant sunburn and heatstroke is the shady umbrella….at least for the women and children. I think Tom isn’t convinced of the manliness of carrying a sun umbrella. Yeah, it might seem a little southern belle, but it does the job.

HOSE SHOWERS.  When a hot shower sounds like torture, a cold hose shower out of sight on the back patio is a fun replacement. Eliza and Silas can play for ages in the hose out there!

EARLY BEDTIME. By the end of a day of hot season weather,  we feel exhausted. Honestly, most nights I could go to bed when the kids do. After a busy day yesterday, I went to bed at 9:30.  Sad but true.

A few other little things….

*Tom and I got a fun date night last weekend at Oishi Grand. There was still a wait, but not as bad as Valentines.  I loved the cheese, sushi, caramel ice cream and the interesting Japanese salads. Tom loved the raw fish, sushi and beef and had two espressos.  🙂  Since things have been busy lately, it was also really good to have the chance to just sit down and talk.  It seems funny that we live together and sometimes have a hard time doing this, but maybe you understand.  Thanks, Rhonda!

* Claire is redeeming her birthday coupons from Eliza. Yesterday she bought her song from i-tunes and the other day, Eliza took her out for ice cream. Tom delivered them on the motorcycle and left. They sat and had their ice cream and paid, then called Tom to pick them up. They really loved the fact that they got to have a little solo outing!


*This past Tuesday, the girls and I went to International Community School of Bangkok for a school tour. It’s our hope that the three kids can attend this school when we return to Thailand in two years. It was really good to visit and get an idea of what attending school there would be like.  It’s a Christian school – about 60% Thai 40% other (mostly Asian foreigners).  This means that most of the students are not believers but the teachers are. It feels like this would be a good, safe place for our kids to learn while still having lots of Thai friends. The quality is high and there are lots of chances for extra-curriculars including music, drama, sports, dance, languages, etc.  Claire was bowled over just by the library! 🙂  We are hoping and praying for a large tuition discount in order to enable the kids to attend.  Praying that God makes the way clear if this is the school for us!


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