Sunday Supper

I’m trying to remember to start documenting more of the “little things” of life so that we can remember them later. We like traditions in our family. Some may call them ruts. Especially the fact that Tom and I eat the exact same meal at least two or three Friday nights a month. We’ve gotten in a rut-that-we-all-like for our Sunday supper too.


It all starts with a motorcycle ride to the market- always by Tom and Eliza. It’s their special little outing. 


We always have a grilled fish, coated in salt. 


And ribs.


Another essential is the corn on the cob. 


And Tom usually can’t resist getting one extra weird/new thing – like jumping shrimp or a curry.  On this occasion it was This. I’m calling it This because I have no idea what was in it and I don’t think Tom did either. It looked like noodles but it was very tough and rubbery. 

Yay for market supper! We’ll miss it! Not quite the toasted cheese sandwiches or shells and cheese + popcorn of our childhoods, but good too. 


One thought on “Sunday Supper

  1. Betsy & Philip Fisher Rhodes says:

    Love this Candice. 🙂 Thanks for sharing it! -Philip

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