Prayer Team and Little Things





This has been another busy week. Tom especially has been with the three member prayer team quite a bit. They have spent time with all our team mates seeing and praying over different working areas. On Wednesday we enjoyed having them here in the afternoon to help us pray about our transition and for the team and our Thai friends. After prayer, we went for a foot massage (not the best!) and then came back to our house for pad thai and prayer in the evening for Lao friends.  It was such an encouraging day- there is something about praying together and receiving the insight His Spirit gives to others that is so refreshing. We felt encouraged about all the change coming and especially appreciated the prayer time with our kids. Thanks, Davy, Collette, and Trish! The pictures above are Thursday night at Baiyoke Tower. We love this city!


Worship on Sunday with the team and prayer team..and good-bye prayers for Kanina.


Silas finished Thai school and is out for the summer. The Reachers and Rhonda are planning on taking him three mornings a week to give us girls a quiet homeschool but he joins us for Thursday and Friday. I love seeing him at his desk, all eager to learn! (even if our mornings feel a lot less organized with him involved!). Singing This is The Day (like we do every morning).


He loves to keep his desk all neat and lined up (new thing I just learned about him). Currently he is working on some sticker books about sizes, shapes and colors. He’s working on our memory work and motions with us (Hebrews 12) and doing his ABC flashcards. He’s got them all now except for occasionally H and G and can usually id the first letter of words pretty accurately. He’s excited to learn to read! We are working on correct pencil grip (drop! pinch! flip!) and tracing letters.


One night this week we all got to be home at once, so we had a family night. We had a living room picnic of lentils, naan, veggies and olives. Si and I like to kiss at the table and make Tom “jealous.”


Silas got his hot season haircut that day too.


And played dominoes. Silas proclaimed it BORING, but the rest of us had fun.

DSC_0014We are starting to do more prayer and processing as a family about the transition and move- trying to give everyone plenty of chances to talk about their mixed feelings. The girls have started documenting some of the things around the house that they want to be sure to remember. Claire wants to take a picture of “three screws in her air conditioner that look like a panda bear”. 🙂

DSC_0008Si likes to wear his new apron from Aunt Anita to serve up his chef creations. He especially loves that big, deep pocket which he stuffs with all kinds of food and cooking utensils.


2 thoughts on “Prayer Team and Little Things

  1. Anita says:

    Wow, it’s huge on him! Plenty of time to grow into it, and I’m glad he’s enjoying it now. Love that you are documenting your life for the kids to remember. I hope I am as conscious a parent!

  2. Betsy says:

    I just ‘heart’ the kissing picture SO MUCH!
    Candice, you are one of my very fav parents.

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