Ways you know you’re at a medical conference…

1) When you get to the conference and start seeing signs on rooms saying things like:  Breakout: Infectious Diarrhea;  Viral Meningitis   and Closure of Upper Flaps.

2) At breakfast, a guy is demonstrating a surgery procedure on a dinner roll with a butter knife.

3) There are limbless  infant CPR dummies lined up in the back of the room where you’re having worship.

Carmen was super busy, attending up to 7 academic courses a day but we managed to squeeze in time at meals and afternoon swims and nightime game play. The girls enjoyed having sleepovers in each other’s hotel rooms and Carmen and I loved the niece/aunt bonding time with the girls. Most of the attendees at CMDA were doctors, nurses, and dentists serving all over the world- mostly in underserved  underdeveloped and developing countries.  It was a very interesting and kind group of people and we enjoyed getting to know some of them and worshipping together. The girls loved attending classes every morning and afternoon- meeting lots of friends, studying the names of God, swimming, watching movies, and making crafts.




At the beautiful Suan Bua resort. The mountains and the beautiful ponds, flowers, streams, sunrises, and trees pointed constantly to God. So refreshing.

Loving the playground



Monopoly Deal. Some of us NEVER get tiered of that game! 🙂


Claire and Lydia sleepover complete with a long bath and reading aloud.


The kids sang at the evening worship time:  “Name Above all Names” “On a Day Like This” and “Heaven is a Wonderful Place”


Lots of pool time. All the girls had to work up a little courage for the waterslide. “We are physically confident and strong!”



Headed home.


Game play in the top bunk.

DSC_0217Chugging into Bangkok just in time for the sunrise from the train window.


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