Showalters in Bangkok

On Feb. 17, I was very excited to go to the airport to pick up my sister Carmen and her two daughters Dara and Lydia!! Our girls are very close in age and we don’t get to see them often so it was a very happy day. Here are a few pics of our first day together in Bangkok. That night, we headed to Chiang Mai on the train  so that Carmen could attend a medical conference. Tom and Silas, unfortunately had to leave the country the day before their arrival to get visas renewed….


Freshly arrived, we had some grilled cheese before bed. Dara and Lydia had plenty of energy to check out the girl’s rooms and toys and we had devotions together. 


All the girlies in their Hello Kitty nightgowns.


The moms couldn’t get enough of lining these four up for pictures. After a french toast breakfast, we had fun opening a valentine’s package from Aunt Anita (including these CUTE handmade Holly Hobbie aprons) and our presents from Morocco (cheese, figs, olives, pouf, teapots, etc).


Oops, one more lined up picture. 🙂 The girls picked these flowers up off our street. We headed out for a few hours around town just to see a little of our area before heading to Chiang Mai.


In the Samrong Market.


We had fun shopping for shoes and purses and drinking some bubble tea.


Sister time! Finally!

Posing in a decorative rickshaw.

And a yummy lunch at the noodle shop- fried morning glory vines, omlettes, tom ka gai, prik pow, garlic chicken.

The girls made lots of comments about how hot Bangkok is but they adjusted fast. So good to see these four girls together again!


One thought on “Showalters in Bangkok

  1. Brittany says:

    adorable! looks like they had a lot of fun together. noodle shop…i miss you!

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