A 10th birthday, in two parts

Part I: February 15: Claire’s family birthday  (we celebrated early since we would be separated on Claire’s actual birthday)…


Happy Birthday! We decided on a purple birthday since it’s Claire’s current favorite color.  With some help from Dani, we made a large glittery 10 to celebrate her big day.


Getting some fatherly birthday advice (fake) on the way to her birthday breakfast date (including coffee!).


During a break in homeschool, Eliza and I had a little “spa” for Claire including foot rub, back scratch (her fave), foot soak, pedicure.

When Tom got home from teaching in the city, we had her birthday cake (she requested honey bars)

and she opened presents.



Silas shows off the card he made for Claire (see the heart). Aaaaw.


Her gifts included art supplies (her main request), a purple dress, a jump rope, an Irish Barbie, personalized stationery,  stamp set (thanks Mast Grandparents!),  hair elastics (that she wears as bracelets)…and cute coupons from Eliza for things like back scratches and ice cream treats.


For supper we got brick oven pizza at Scoozi….
Then went night swimming in our neighborhood . Fun!

10th birthday, part 2, February 27, Chiang Mai


Sunrise on February 27.


Girls enjoying their omlettes and the sunrise and each other.


10!! How was it 10 years ago that we used to call Claire our little red haired monkey and took weekly stroller walks to the library and had playdates with baby Emma!? 🙂


A special cake at lunchtime.


A watercolor Claire from Mommy.


A teapot from Dara and hairbands from Masts and necklace from Aunt Carmen.


Delighted with the art supplies from Rhodes Grandparents.


Daddy wrote a very entertaining story from the perspective of Lambie that Claire absolutely loved. Since he couldn’t be with her, this was second best.


Afternoon cousin swim time.




The conference happened to have a fancy picnic the night of Claire’s b’day so we had a perfect birthday dinner complete with tacos and cake!


6 thoughts on “A 10th birthday, in two parts

  1. Carrie says:

    Awwww!!! What a great birthday, both times!! Happy belated birthday, Claire!!

  2. Colleen Maust says:

    Wow, Claire looked so grown up in that pic with Tom. She is getting so tall! It looks like you had a wonderful day both times that you celebrated!

  3. Philip says:

    please, please share the lambie story! 🙂 -Philip

  4. Brittany says:

    the picture of Tom giving “advise” to Claire made me laugh. did she really have coffee?? did she like it?

  5. justcandice says:

    Philip- well the Lambie story is too long for blog posting- 14 chapters? I think? So you can ask her to see it on her Kindle if you want. 🙂 Brittany- yes, she did have coffee- those three in one things- and yes, she does like it- especially the feeling grown up part. She had it for the first time on her birthday last year and I dont’ think since! 🙂

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