Little Things: Featuring Si

The last few weeks have been pretty routine around here- mostly home school, teaching, lots of meetings, lots of mangoes and the chicken pox! 🙂 Here are a few pictures of the (nice) ordinariness… DSC_0006   Poor Bubs had some rough days with the chicken pox! He was so miserable! But he was brave and good too- we were proud of the poor guy. DSC_0001

Getting some healing cuddles from Dad. DSC_0018

We passed some time playing a whole bunch of UNO games. He is loving this game right now. In the picture he’s rubbing it in that I only won one game. He does really well playing on his own and does regularly beat me!


He likes to play guitar for our family worship on Sundays. As you can see from this entire post, Silas did not wear a lot of clothes for this entire week. 


This past week, he went to a soccer game with Daddy- Thailand vs. Kuwait. Thailand lost but Silas had an amazing time blowing the horn.DSC_0028

We celebrated Chinese New Year with a day off school, and some sparklers and firecrackers .


 Tom is clearly excited about this. The noise was pretty deafening- and made an amazing amount of debris in the front yard! The kids were pretty freaked out.


Silas had fun creating Bangkok traffic jams for most of the morning on Saturday.


The mango madness continues. We have three trees that are producing daily.  At one point, we had 42 mangoes waiting to be used! DSC_0009

I made the mango salsa and we enjoyed it with gallo pinto multiple times this week.DSC_0040

And we’re drinking lots and LOTS of smoothies! Yum! Tom is also stocking the freezer with puree for future smoothies, we eat them for breakfast every day and have plenty to give away!


4 thoughts on “Little Things: Featuring Si

  1. Betsy says:

    Good job at UNO, Si! Love the pic of Si’s critical one finger look.
    I would so love to come over for mango smoothies. Jealous.

  2. Delores Mast says:

    Silas, Grandpa and Grandma send hugs to you. Hope those Pocks soon are all gone away!!

  3. Bernie says:

    Hi Mast family! So good to read your updates & see that you are all doing well, even with pox! How can someone be so cute with spots all over them? leave it to Si. Hugs to you all on valentines day!

  4. Brittany says:

    love Silas always trotting around the house with no clothes on. holy mangoes! how many of those can you shove in your suitcase for me? 😉 you guys should set up a little stand at the end of your soi! Eliza and Claire can have a little business 🙂

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