He’s Ba-ack!

Efrain is back in Thailand!! A few weeks ago, he arrived with his new bride, Sujen to the delight and joy of our whole team and Thai friends!! Efrain was forced to leave Thailand in October 2011 when he was diagnosed with leukemia and needed to return home to seek treatment. We are praising God so much for his faithfulness in healing Efrain and bringing him back with a wife! It’s wonderful to see their happiness and to see Efrain looking strong and healthy again.  Thank you, Jesus!!

When they came to their new (temporary) house from the airport we met up for a picnic lunch of Isaan food- Efrain’s favorite. (and I attempted a tres leches cake).  It was so good to finally meet the Sujen we’ve heard so much about for so long and see her smiling face.





DSC_0029Goofballs, reunited!


2 thoughts on “He’s Ba-ack!

  1. Betsy says:

    I just love your girls’ style!

  2. Brittany says:

    love love love!

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