Little Things

January has been slow month for the blog maybe since it’s felt like life has been full of ONLY little things.

Us girls were feeling in a little bit of a rut with homeschool after the holiday. After one day when I could tell we were all a little bored with our routines, we had a great brainstorming session and came up with some fresh, new ideas for making school more fun for all of us. I’m pleased to report that we’ve gotten motivated again.  Some new things: we are enjoying a quote of the day and discussion of how we agree or disagree with it. We learned all about Martin Luther King Jr. this week (just a week late!) and have been looking at quotes from him.  We are also using songs to memorize our multiplication tables, doing more art the girls like (like color by number), and reading aloud during school, etc.

A few topics we are currently studying: the microscope, adding 4 digits (E), area and circumference (C), Roosevelt, the Wright Brothers, the artist Winslow Homer, weather, memorizing Psalm 150, reading great poems, and so many other interesting (and a few not so interesting…UGH A Child’s History and Energy) things!


We are also using a new marble system to reward positivity, good grades, and helpfulness.  They are working toward watching Arthur episodes.  It’s hard to believe we only have 10 weeks left in this school year!


Poor Si Si has the chicken pox. He’s still mostly his friendly and chatterbox self but he has a fever and runny nose and every now and then he just melts down and has a big scratch or cry.  Sometimes he just needs a good cuddle and a listen to “Let the Wild Wind Blow”- his favorite song. He wasn’t a big fan of the oatmeal bath. He’s been eating granola for almost every meal. Obviously we’re spending a lot of time at home this week…and poor boy is missing his big dance performance on Sunday – so sad!  Just now tonight Eliza has a fever and is throwing up. No sign of pox yet though. 

Claire and Eliza made their first batch of cookies completely on their own. Proud Mom! 🙂 They made Grandma’s German Honey Cookies from Loaves and Fishes. Great job, girls! It was fun to hide around the corner (and take a picture like a creepster) and watch their team work. Eliza, who’s had more kitchen experience, was definitely the boss!

DSC_0014Our mango trees are loaded! Jealous?? 🙂 We mostly eat them fresh- with our morning granola and oatmeal, but this week I’ve got plans for mango salsa and mango custard pie.  During their school break this morning, the girls were watching a rat eat one in the yard- gags.

Tom has been busy taking on his new job responsibilities and also teaching more than normal. We’ve had lots of meetings lately with our team mates to talk about lots of transition plans. As a family, we are reading books and talking about re-entry and learning what challenges are ahead- while still trying to be present and enjoy our last four months in Thailand!

The girls and I are getting veryveryveryveryveryvery excited about Carmen, Lydia and Dara visiting from Morocco next month!!

Tom and I are on a Rumikub kick- it’s kind of an addiction right now. We’ve been playing 3-9 games every day recently.  Tom says my grandma was really onto something. haha.

A little thing that happened today that felt like a big thing to me (and an affirmation that He really is listening)….we got an e-mail that we have a house in Columbus ! It’s a duplex in Clintonville in a school district that we feel good about it. It’s a nice street with lots of trees and ends at the river and a bike path into the downtown. We move in June 21….So happy!




4 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. Mindy says:

    Thumbs up for the house in Columbus! Thumbs down for the chicken pox 😦

  2. Betsy says:

    wow! June is so close. And about the house! I love the photo of C and E making cookies together. They look so tall and old, and like such fun sisters!

  3. Delores Mast says:

    So excited about the house!! God answeres! and Poor Silas, give him a hug for me!

  4. Brittany says:

    ewww rats! That’s mostly all that I can think about right now….haha also so excited about the house! sounds like a really nice spot.

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