Happy Chinese New Year!


Tom and I got the chance to go on a little Saturday morning date to Chinatown last Saturday while Rhonda took the kids swimming. It was so much fun to have a whole morning to explore, and it really did feel like being in a new city with many unfamiliar sights and foods.  It was a busy, happening place and especially the market was wall to wall bodies- the kind of market where you take tiny steps with the crowd in front and behind, while avoiding some soupy stuff on the ground and moving aside for motorcycles coming through! The most popular street snacks this time of year appeared to be pomegranates and roasted chestnuts.


Clearly, I’m excited about my pork bun. Really delish.


Shark fin for sale, 52,000b ($1,700). Can that be right???


Nice tea selection.


Lots of red. 


Fruit stalls. LOVE those crunchy green pears!  Wish we could afford the pretty plums andcherries!


In a Chinese temple- so fascinating. Lots of candle lighting, fortune telling, monks, incense and HORDS of people. 


A Hong Kong Noodle in the market (getting hungry for duck)


Sweet looking older man weights out the (???) in a sunbeam. Our guess: some kind of tofu/beancurd…but also looked like sea life.


beans beans beans


Intriguing, pretty crab dish. Roe on top?


Dried mysteria (is that a word? It should be).

Dried. Less mysterious because we see these tiny shrimps in our Pad Thai. 


In the market, I bought a red toothpick holder and red chopsticks with dragons (my zodiac animal). I was proud of my restraint.


An 100 year old building the guidebook told us to look up in a busy shopping area . It’s a Bangkok Bank.


I loved all the old buildings and signs mixed with the gaudy new golds and reds (Chinese New Year is coming up so people are stocking up).


Of course we had to try the fried stuff- some egg rolls and  a ball of something we ate, declared delicious and still have no idea what it was. Tom said, “Some kind of tarro?” I said “Some kind of meat?” It definitely had peanuts.


Lunch at this packed out place. I was so impressed with my earlier pork bun, we returned for more dimsum and duck.


DSC_0064  Lunch was more pork buns, shrimp dumplins, delicious duck, oyster omlette and kale. Awesome!  

Exploring new places with Tom is one of the best things in life!


2 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year!

  1. Gail says:

    Looks like so much fun! I would love to try all that food!

  2. Philip says:

    Exploring new places with Betsy is one of the best things in life! You two are obviously having a lot of fun together. love to see that….and I love you. 🙂

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