Hello 2013!

Our New Years was a nice one- quiet and homey…and with special visitors! On New Year’s Eve Eve, we had our annual (started last year at the suggestion of Dara) “sleepover by the Christmas tree.” With all the activity that surrounds Christmas Day, we find it works best to wait till closer to New Years.  The kids just LOVE being able to stay up late, break all the rules, hang out as a family, eat in “bed” and sleep all together.




Silas did a lot of flying around the room, Superman style while the rest of us played Qwerkle. (and apparently, Eliza went crazy). Everyone joined in for Old Maid (agonizing! ha!) and Apples to Apples (always hilarious- I esp. love Silas’s picks).


Having some schnacky schnacks.



When we went to bed it was HOT! When we woke up, we were all cold!….




Elize even huddled up in a blanket. When I saw her doing this I had to go check the thermometer- 82 degrees! 🙂


A little breakfast in bed.


And then it was New Year’s Eve!! Our special visitors, G and M came to stay! We love those guys so we were really happy.  We did some sparklers and some firecrackers and Tom had fun making a confetti mess of the house. DSC_0007

We had some New Year’s chocolate cake and then the kiddos went to bed while the grown-ups played cards and rang in the actual new year on the upstairs balcony watching lanterns float over the house and fireworks going off all over the neighborhood.  The sleepy kids even woke up for a bit to say hello 2013.


New Year’s Brunch with our guests, G and M and Dan. Beans, rice, cheesy eggs with peppers, tortillas, salsa, pineapple, lemon poppy seed muffins


G and M. We had a great time. M and I got to do some Ikea shopping and we went out for Thai seafood at a CRAZY restuarant- so busy it was insane.

Happy New Years, guys!





3 thoughts on “Hello 2013!

  1. colleenmaust says:

    Sounds like you had an ideal New Year’s celebration. I would have loved to partake of all the wonderful food and good times!

  2. Delores Mast says:

    love when you guys can be together!

  3. Betsy says:

    would love 82 degrees here!

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