Bikes and Butterflies

We are enjoying our school break between Christmas and New Years- doing a lot of house organizing, game playing, reading, and eating (pumpkin pie, butter cookies, eggnog, spiced cider, gingerbread men, chocolate, Chinese oranges- all those holiday treats).  Our landlord and friend have stopped by with gifts. The neighborhood is very calm and most shops are closed as everyone spends time with family over New Years.  Over the weekend, we went to a bike park in the city (Tom and Claire went once and we’ve all wanted to go for awhile now).


View from my bike handles. It was so peaceful to be around grass and trees!  The air smelled heavenly- especially under my favorite trees that have white blossoms and smell like chai (need to identify).


This girlie learned to ride bike in DE this Spring but is still a little afraid, so she went for the training wheels. We’ve learned that Eliza does things on her own time table! (remember, walking???)



Part way around the bike path was an enclosed butterfly garden and we saw so many beautiful butterflies! This one was HUGE!


We love the butterfly garden!




Claire picked a nice grassy hill for our picnic spot.

Si in the sunset.  We had such a great time and then right at the end, poor boy took a big spill and knocked his head! 😦  He rode the rest of the way on my bike with Tom dragging his and he’s quite quite a bruise/goose egg to show for it.

Another fun family adventure and another Bangkok attraction crossed off our to-do list!


4 thoughts on “Bikes and Butterflies

  1. C says:

    i love this family picture! and the beautiful picture of the butterfly. Love, C

  2. Dietrich says:

    Awesome!! Love you guys! Especially like the picture of Claire and Eliza on the bike! – D

  3. Brittany says:

    the family picture is such a good one! Silas is actually looking and smiling. He’s growing up!

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