Christmas 2012

Christmas morning this year….



After some lazing around in bed, we listened to the story, from The Nativity by Julie Vivas, our tradition.


We ate cinnamon rolls and skyped with the Mast grandparents, but maybe some of us were thinking about opening presents.



The kids opened stockings- favorites were elephant bracelets for the girls, personal jars of olives, and these “free pass” tickets that include late bedtimes, skipping showers, and long talking times.

DSC_0067Silas was so pleased with his new cars characters.  He immediately wanted to line the new ones up with the old ones and get a picture.

DSC_0079The kids got lots of books for presents and we took several long breaks from opening gifts to read. Silas loved his new “Going on a Bear Hunt” book from Claire and Eliza.


We opened the package from my parents- thank you, Mom and Dad!! And I got the calendar, an annual tradition, designed by Rebekah this year. Love it! Miss you!

DSC_0086Claire, taking a break to read Emily Climbs.

DSC_0089Some McDonald’s delivery.

DSC_0092Books and dolls. It’s what they love.

DSC_0096Presents from Mast grandparents- more cars= happy boy.

DSC_0106Tom got a new toy too- remote control helicopter- a blur with lights in this pic!

DSC_0126A little Christmas swim.  🙂 Dietrich and Abbey skyped and we got to sing together a little- although skype delay makes that a funny challenge!

DSC_0128The rest of our day was so relaxed- full of reading, playing games, doing puzzles, Mandie movie, and shrimp for Christmas supper.

It was such a good day to worship, rest, be together as a family, enjoy giving, enjoy gifts, and to be thankful!


One thought on “Christmas 2012

  1. Anita says:

    I love that Claire is reading the “Emily” books–that was one of my favorite Christmas presents a few years ago! Thanks for the peek into your celebrations! I love seeing your kids’ glowing eyes!

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