Christmas Party 2012

Friday  was our annual Christmas party with our team and Thai friends.  I think it was our best! Besides our J.P. Mansion Monday home group (Geat and family, Lung Seri), we had 6 other J.P. friends, a friend of Claire and Eliza (Elizabeth, met on vacation), my friend Ju, and 5 university friends of Nixon besides the 17 from our team.  A great group and a really fun night together! I was so grateful for the help of the Reach girls and Rhonda in getting ready. We ordered pizza to keep things simple and focused on games instead of singing (since we lost our worship leader, Colleen).


Elizabeth even got to spend the night, so these were three girls who stayed up way past their bedtime and had a great time. Our girls got to wear their cute new dresses from Grandma.


A few of the friends from J.P. From left: Bui, Dani,

 Geat, Niew, Chompoo, Make, Anabell.


Rachel from the Reach team with the Reachers’ delicious creation- brownie/pudding/whipped cream/candy canes.


The pizza’s here! 




Oom, Si, Faa, Dtao

Eliza and her special friend Karla. Karla and Bekah and Sarah finished up language school and left from the party to take the overnight train to Ubon where they will complete their outreach. Karla was really kind to Eliza and Eliza was a big fan.


Lung Seri and Silas= ticklefest.


Tom and Por explain why we celebrate Christmas and the meaning of the Nativity. 

The angel Gabriel appears to Mary.



 I have no unblurry pictures of the singing time- our J.P. home group sang Go Tell It on the Mountain and then Silas leapt up and lead Away in a Manger (that boy is so NOT SHY) and we finished up with a request for Jingle Bells. Present time! We exchanged our gifts the Thai way by drawing numbers. 


Anyone remember this game from youth group? The group is divided into two teams. One person from each team gets behind the blanket  When the blanket is dropped, you try to yell the name of the other person before they yell yours. Perfect for a group with many languages and in which not everyone knows everyone else’s name! It was really funny- tons of laughter.

DSC_0250The kids got really into musical cups.


And the grown-ups got really into the “ring on a string” game.

After the party ended, around 10:00, Tom, Dan, Nixon and Rhonda left for the gas station across town to deliver a Christmas box to our Lao friends. Those guys had to work till 11:00 so couldn’t make it to our party- so took a little party to them.  It ended up being a really special time sitting around drinking soda, talking and praying together.


One thought on “Christmas Party 2012

  1. Brittany says:

    Sounds like you guys had an awesome night!

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