This Little Piggy

A few pics of Silas’s sports day- when the whole school divides into two colored teams and does little competitions. Go Team Pink! The day starts with a little parade. I love that they shut down a street so some sleepy kindergartners can wander around in cute costumes.  I was pretty much in love with Silas in his paper mache pig hat. And now, lots of pink…


Waiting for the action to start.



Si with one of his teachers


Little Piggy!







This is Silas’s friend and seat mate, Nong Nice (Nong means younger. Si is Nong Si).


Gangnam Style. Soooo inappropriate! Ugh- I was shutting my eyes during some parts. That kid kind of does look like mini-Psy though, doesn’t he.


Si was in the bowling competition and reports that he knocked down one pin.DSC_0192

His team was pretty good though and they all got a prize.  We were proud of him for wai-ing like a good little Thai boy.



Balloon hats! Can hardly! Contain! The excitement!


I can never resist a boy in round, blue glasses. Tom took this pic just for me.

The rest of the day was spent, busily getting ready for our big Christmas party.  More on that soon…



One thought on “This Little Piggy

  1. Brittany says:

    Loved the animal parade going through Thippawan. Silas’ hat was pretty darn cute! Gangnam Style is just too much for preschool. I mean really??
    He’s so adorable with his balloon hat. Seriously, super excited! I’m glad that Tom captured that little boy in the round blue glasses because he is sooooo cute.

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