Little Things

Little stuff from everyday life…

1. It’s funny how when we have a Reach team here, the girls have a new vocabulary. I’m noticing both girls saying “duh” on a regular basis and Eliza constantly says “oh wow.” (they might get some of this from Rhonda too…right, Rhonda?? 🙂 ). I should also say that Rhonda is a huge help to us and the kids love their 3 x weekly times with her! Yesterday she took Si and Elize to the playground, to the noodle shop for supper, fed the park pond turtles, got ice cream and played badminton in the street. They loved it! The girls are very excited for ice skating tomorrow!


2. The Reachers came over for “one-week debriefing”…and Carol Tobin from EMM also happened to be here visiting. It’s fun getting to know these girls and to see them beginning to adjust to culture and learn Thai. It’s an intense first month of learning!


3. We’ve had a war on rats at our house. I think the men won. At least there is no scrabbling in the roof anymore although I did hear and odd squealing last night out back. Shudder. Sticky traps are just the grossest things in the world. Tom takes them outside in a plastic bag and clubs them. I can’t even handle it. Silas was way into it though. He had his own stick and stuffed mouse that he put in a box and “killed” for me. Thanks, men.


4. Stencil/sponged Christmas trees.


5. The girls read poetry on “stage.” I like to hear them project and read with confidence, like my Dad taught us to do.  In American History they’ve memorized the pledge and the Star Spangled Banner. We’ve inserted some stories about how Greenwood Mennonite School came to be and how Aunt Anita refused to say the pledge in third (?) grade. 🙂 I think they are non-pledge sayers as well, because they are mini-Mennonites/kingdom citizens, but also because they feel quite a bit of loyalty to their country of residence as well!




6. Eliza is learning all about the solar system. She made a little model (with lots of glitter) and we did a walking “tour of the solar system” with planets represented by lentils, pin heads and eggs, etc. ( I had this all paced out and placed on our street when our neighbor came out and power-washed in front of his house. So much for my pin-head Mercury! Starting over… )


7. Claire has really improved in math this year. She is much more confident now and says that math is one of her favorite subjects. I give all credit to Mr. Virtual Teacher from her computer program. He is just awesome! Thanks, kind, encouraging computer voice! She’s got the 7’s multiplication table down this week. Now on to 8’s and 9s!


8. Silas continues in his manly ways to dig in the yard, do important chores with Dad, strut and swing his arms, lecture the girls on how they need to behave, talk in a deep voice and grow chest hair (as he informed me at breakfast: I’m getting black hair on my chest, see?).

9. This is not really a little thing…Colleen returned to the States last week. It was really hard to see her go because she’s been my close friend. Ever since she’s been gone, I really feel her absence in my life. We got together every Thursday and I miss that time as well as just calling her up to chat. She is recovering at home in Indiana from several health problems and her return to Thailand is uncertain. Your prayers are welcome! Here we are at the airport to see her off. From right: Rhonda, Co, Me, Anabell.

10. Reading/loving “Last Man in Tower” by Aravind Adiga, per Tom’s recommendation.


2 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. Betsy says:

    Love so many little things about this post. Thanks for the wonderful glimpses into life there! Love.

  2. Brittany says:

    Happy to hear that Math is one of Claire’s favorite subject now?? Way to go Claire!

    Imagining Silas with chest hair makes me smile haha

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