Royal Birthday


After our super-crazy weekend, it was fun to have a day off in the middle of the week! Wednesday was the King’s 85th birthday and a national holiday. 


Silas had been wanting to watercolor so we did that while we watched the king’s birthday speech.  This is only the sixth time he’s granted a “grand audience” to the public so it was a pretty big event and very interesting to watch on tv. There were huge crowds of tearful people chanting “song prajareun. ” (long live the king) all along his route from the hospital where he lives to the throne hall.  The prime minister, his son the prince, and the commander of the armed forces all gave speeches giving tribute to the king as well.

We played some family games-  Toss Up (winner: Claire) and Rumikub (winner: Eliza). The parents were shut out.  Because of my Rhodes family upbringing, game playing in broad daylight makes it feel like a real holiday to me!

Si Si is getting good at puzzles! He can put together 35 pieces on his own now. I love his intense concentration as he works on them.


Our big project of the day was a double batch of gingerbread men (BKK heat makes for sticky, sticky dough!).  After supper (a mini “Thanksgiving dinner” by candlelight), we decorated a few cookies for eating. Si piled his nice and high.



Claire’s cute angel.


Another annual tradition: watching A Charlie Brown Christmas.  Last year, it went mostly over his head, but this year, he really laughed at Snoopy dancing on the piano. DSC_0126



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