Little Things

Some little odds and ends from life right now…


I just love Claire’s cowboy!! We’ve been hard at work in homeschool, trying to make up for sporadic studies while in Laos and a week of sickness! Claire and I are very happy to wrapping up our study of the Civil War which has seemed to go on and on!


We have a new neighbor across the street- a German guy. He has the cutest dog! He comes over to play every day and the kids just love him. If you want to hear a hero story, ask Tom how he saved Killer’s life.


Advent DevotionsDSC_0063

Silas finally understands how many days are left until Christmas! I’m surprised every year by how excited the kids get over this simple paper chain!


My new wreath from Ikea and the star that was my Christmas gift from Co.


More salt/cinnamon stars. I didn’t factor in BKK humidity though! They are pretty soft so we’ll see how long they last.

DSC_0072We studied Modigliani this week so we did some elongated, Modigliani style self portraits.  Very fun! If you want to try, here’s how.  Can you tell who is who?


One thought on “Little Things

  1. Anita says:

    (L-R) Candice, Claire, Eliza? They’re cute!

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