A Packed Weekend and Special Celebration



This past weekend was one of the most crazy-busy ones in recent memory!  The Reach team arrived, we were helping Colleen get ready to move this week, had some meetings, had these three guys at our house (Lan I, Lan II, and Pon), and had a big celebration meeting on Sunday.  We were going pretty much non-stop  but so many good things happened. We were so glad to be able to host these guys after they recently hosted us in their village!  They were extremely laid-back, easy guests.


After a meeting in the city on Saturday, the girls and I met up with my friend Ju for lunch and Christmas shopping at Siam Paragon. Such a fun daDSC_0012

Pon was doing serious practice for our afternoon worship service and Silas had to jump in and join of course!


A little lunch with Co and Pon

DSC_0015On Sunday, the whole group was invited to Wanna and Utai’s house for worship and sushi. Hi, new Reachers (that’s Kanina and Brittany on the right).



Half the group enjoying their sushi.


We had a lot to cover in one afternoon! We had a string-tying, good-byes and prayers for Colleen. We also had a string-tying and welcome prayers for the Reach team. We had a time of prayer for  Lan and Lan and took an offering for their trip to Ubon where they will spend time being discipled by a church leader there.



Dan, Pon, Lan. Our hosts, Wanna and Utai on the right.


And we ended with a baptism!! Tom and Lan had gone to the gas station for worship with the Lao believers that morning and Nii said she wanted to get baptized that day!  We went to a local temple, close to Wanna and Utai’s house and she was baptized by Lan and Pon. Wonderful! There was also some interesting symbolism as a cremation was going on at the same time. I loved this picture of Lung Seri and Brennan and Si. Si was coughing and Brennan was gently patting him on the back. Aw.



We are so grateful for all that God is doing!! He’s really amazing us all the time.





One thought on “A Packed Weekend and Special Celebration

  1. Brittany Nisly says:

    Love! God is so good!

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