Thanksgiving looked a little different this year for us. We had just gotten home from our Laos trip so we were focused on laundry and unpacking and getting back to our homeschool routine. So it was a busy day. Us girls had a special time praying together and thanking God for our blessings and they colored cute color-by-number turkeys and did the classic “how to cook a turkey” writing assignment (Claire recommended lime juice). Eliza and I got our bangs cut and decided to get our hair curled for a fun girlie afternoon. Then we headed downtown in rush hour traffic gridlock for Thanksgiving dinner at The Great American Rib Company. After over an hour in the taxi, doing a lot of sitting, we happily piled out and found our team all patiently waiting for us. Grateful to have them in our life to celebrate with!

Pretty girl

We started losing our curls pretty quickly! No family pic cause I’m saving it for our virtual Christmas card. i know I’ll never get everybody to sit down and smile at the camera one more time before Christmas. Too much to ask. 🙂

Oh yum. Stuffed! (the ribs were a great Thanksgiving dinner addition!)

So fun to eat Thanksgiving dinner outside! And the kids got to play in the sand pit afterwards!

Thanksgiving birthday girl, Dani.

Reading the birthday cards the girls made.

We missed you, families. As always. Love to all of you!


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