G and M planned a very fun day for us visiting two waterfalls pretty near Pakse. Along the way, we stopped for some mud-thick coffee (super sweet, poured over ice in a bag) and at “machete village.”

Hot work on a hot day!

G makes his machete selection. After he ordered it, the guy cut a CD into strips, melted that down and used it to stick the handle on and then gave it a good sharpening. Fascinating to watch!

Of course Silas had to try out the hammer.

At the waterfall. This bamboo bridge did not feel exactly secure.

So beautiful!!

This beautiful lady was weaving in the ethnic museum that showed a little bit about different tribes in Laos.

Eliza enjoying the drive, the cool wind, and a sprinkle of rain.

Almost to waterfall #2
We had a delish lunch along the way- sticky rice and laap and omlette plus some REALLY GOOD sundried beef. We actually were getting COLD at this point- it was raining and the air had cooled down a lot. So refreshing!

Standing right at the edge of the falls….

HUGE drop down- no railings or safety measures of any kind except a sign that said DANGER. We kept the kids away from this part!

We were planning to swim but it was too cold! We got wet in the rain instead.

Thanks for the adventures, G and M! What a fun day!


2 thoughts on “Waterfalls

  1. You are good doing these posts so quickly!!!! Can I pay you and use them on ours?!?! 🙂
    We LOVED having you and feel free to invite yourselves again 🙂

    • justcandice says:

      Haha, well they are not very detailed but I’m all about getting something moving over here- Time to get organized and check some stuff off my to-do list!

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