Visa Running

So, we still have to leave Thailand every three months because of the type of visa we have. It’s been like this most of the six years we’ve lived here. Visa runs used to be such a hassle and a drag, but it’s been so awesome, how God has turned our perspective around and given us adventures and an “excuse” to be with our friends in Laos. We spent this past week in Laos and he’s what the border process looked like:

After a train ride to a Thai town near the border, and then a several hour bus ride….
The tunnel from Thailand to Laos.

Hello, Laos border.

Tom, the visa paperwork expert has filled out many, many, many forms for us over the years!! We’ve done visa runs to other places, but Tom counted 15 stamps for Laos alone in his passport!

While the kids wait in the shade with the i-pod. The kids understand that it is their “job” to sit patiently while Mom and Dad do the paperwork.

A little tree climbing to pass the time. That’s Heidi, the daughter of other workers who crossed over with us.

And that’s it! We did it all again, a week later and we’re good until February!


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