G and M’s House!

In Pakse, we stayed with Tom’s cousin M, and her husband G. They were so nice to let us invite ourselves over! ..for a week!

G and M were so good with our kids- they just warmed right up to them and acted like they were an aunt and uncle.

Claire loved taking her rest times under a tree in their front yard. We loved the quiet town and change of pace from BKK.

I loved the red dirt road in front of their house. Doesn’t it look like an adventure waiting to happen?

Silas had fun chasing the chickens and goats that wandered into the yard. This doesn’t happen in Bangkok. 🙂

Getting ready for a motorcycle ride with M.

We got to spend some time with other local workers and the kids really enjoyed having other littles to play with.

Claire and Salem.
The team was even nice enough to include us in Thanksgiving dinner! Lucky us!

More adventures in Laos coming soon…


2 thoughts on “G and M’s House!

  1. Betsy says:

    made me SO homesick for abroad…

    • justcandice says:

      I’m curious what part makes you feel like that, Betsy? I love how you say homesick for abroad- homesick for the whole world! 🙂

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