Crafty Kids

Oh my, it’s hard to keep up! November has flown by. In fact, 2012 has flown by! Especially with all the travel, it feels like we are constantly on the move lately. I’m always glad for routine, normal days! Here are a few pics of some craftiness the kids have been up to. I just loved their cute t.p. roll scarecrows…

We did this craft on a Friday so Silas could join us on his “homeschool” day. We have been working in his pencil grip, learning simple shapes, ABC recognition and sounds, alike and different, things like that. He really loved working on his scarecrow. Other current Silas obsessions: Wild Kratz (nature/animal tv show with superhero-like scientists), the story of Jesus’ death (not sure why but he really likes reading this story right now).

A few Sundays ago, we had a great celebration meeting at our house. The Lao friends who work at the gas station were able to come as well as the regulars. The kids and I had a good lesson about Jesus and the Lost Sheep. I was so proud of Claire who was able to read the story in Thai!!

Silly sheep we made.

Cutie Mr. Brennan spent the day with us while his mom and dad had a big day moving.

How adorable is little Dtow? She’s come a long way- she used to be so clingy to her mom but now she joins right in.


Serious about our cotton balls!


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