Juniper Tree Favorites

I posted briefly about our team retreat on Learning Thai. Here are the rest of my favorite pics. It was so such a wonderful and fast-flying retreat!

Dani’s pretty face art. The moms and Dani all took a turn watching the kiddos, but Rhonda did most of the work with the our three and Brennan- teaching daily lessons based on lesser-known parables with the intriguing titles: The Little Seed that Could, Bigger is Not Better, The Good, the Bad, and the Truth, amd Please Pretty Please, Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top!

We enjoyed the daily pool time (many times afternoons and after dark too). Eliza got so much braver in the water! By the end she was doing cannon balls into the deep end and swimming to the ladder. Go girl! Silas also loved jumping in (to Tom and I and to endlessly patient Nixon) and called them “candy balls”. We loved his open mouth facial expression every time he jumped.

One night at dinner we had a boy’s table and

girl’s table

Game night. Love this telephone pictionary game (not sure if that’s the real name but anyway…)

Rhonda came up with lots of Minute-to-win-it games like this one making towers of dice with chopsticks, catching ping pong balls with lint rollers, balancing dice on chopsticks….

Moving cotton balls with a vaseline coated nose- funny!

cereal box puzzles

blowing ping pong balls from a cup of water to an empty cup. Nixon was the champ

Our kids bonded with Aunt Mim (Ba Mim). (she gave them new names in return!)

Spanish and English music. Our team’s favorite Spanish song is La Hermosa Cuidad

We enjoyed worship times, study of II Corinthians and practical teachings from Mim

Worship, dressed to head straight for the pool!

One of the most special times for me as a mom was to see this kid encouragment time. The team wrote notes to the kids telling them what they appreciated about them, shared them with the kids and prayed for them. Our kids were beaming, crying, and glowing- it was beautiful!

Eliza started pouring tears almost immediately. She said she felt so special.

Look at those clasped hands and delighted face!

Train ride home. We enjoyed some daylight hours on the train, looking out the window at rice fields and beautiful mountains. Then our train got a whole lot rowdier than anticipated. A LARGE group of French people joined us and basically had a party in the hallway. They were so happy and having such a good time that it was hard to be mad, but man, it was kind of obnoxious to be trying to sleep in our bunks with the kids while someone is LOUDLY speaking French right outside your curtain! Kind of funny though and fortunately French is my favorite language to listen to. 🙂 They started up at 5:00 in the morning too!

Mim enjoyed her first Thai train ride (“except for the toilets”). Going on a squatty potty in a swaying and jerking train is a unique challenge! 🙂

Girls enjoying the ride. Silas happily played “conductor” for a long time.


2 thoughts on “Juniper Tree Favorites

  1. Anita says:

    the pictures of the kid-sharing time got me teary-eyed. What a fabulous team you have!

  2. Brittany says:

    Looks like you guys had a really encouraging retreat! That’s what retreats are for right? 🙂 I loved Silas’ faces in the pictures of the team sharing with him. Too cute. I see the Kindle is being used too!

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