Life has been crazy around here! We’ve been traveling again, and also hosting a large group from the RMM office.  This morning, Tom has taken the group to visit a university, have lunch with Wanna and go on a canal boat ride. Tonight we’ll meet with our little Monday night Bible study. I’m loving finally having a day at home with the kids! We’ve got plans for cookie baking, laundry, and just being HOME.  I’m sure we’ll do a long catch up post on all our running around with our visitors (and some exciting ministry developments!!)  at some point, but for now, here’s a few things from the past few weeks…

Before the RMM group arrived, another team came to visit Joe and Lynn…including our dear Brittany!! We were so delighted to have a little time with her and of course she brought us lots of love in the form of an amazing care package including homemade granola bars (perfect for all our travels), Lucky Charms (woot!), fall candle (my living room smells so good) and toys for the kids. THANK YOU, BRITTANY! So, so good to see you again. Come back ANYTIME! (you are only seeing a tiny sample of what she brought- it was like Christmas! 🙂 ).

Faa had a birthday – six years old! She is growing up so fast. (that’s her mom, Geat and sister, Dtao behind her). We had a little party at Bible study.

We are currently watching The Hope video (Mars Hill Productions) to give an overview of the Bible and then we go back to our Luke study. Lung Seri (right), takes careful notes and has lots of good questions. That’s Faa’s dad, Loong on the left.

Silas wormed his way into this one. The girls, heading to their first sleepover in BKK! They met Elizabeth on vacation and hit it off. They had an awesome time at the party- made jewelry, painted nails, watched an American Girl movie, ate Shepherd’s Pie, played ring toss, jumped rope, etc, etc! They LOVED. I was a bit worried in advance because this was a new experience for them, but they did great and didn’t seem to be the slightest bit homesick.

Along with all our visitors, we are the lucky recipients of some care packages! Brenda Zook and James sent us a great one! The kids love all the novelty candy (especially the gas pump for Si!)…

Big Valley PA!

I think our favorite part was the beautiful feathers! It was so fun to learn about some new birds and the difference in sound when an owl and a pigeon fly. So interesting, guys! Thanks! We have them on display on my desk right now- beautiful! We are excited to open the other package when the team leaves! 🙂 Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness. James, the kids loved it!

Grandma Mast also sent a wonderful package with magazines and candy and wonderful long letters! Our kids are feeling special and loved!

Looking forward to the return of normal in a few more days (although we loved travel and visit too!). School starts November first!


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