Siam Discovery

You know how when you’ve lived somewhere awhile, you kind of forget to explore it anymore? Bangkok is such a fascinating city with so much to see but we kind of get stuck in our ruts sometimes and don’t make it into the downtown all that often anymore. We are trying to make an extra effort to explore as a family, especially as our time gets shorter here. A few days ago, we headed to the Museum of Siam.  After quite a long time getting there via bus and taxi, we were pretty impressed with the museum- it was very interactive so it was a great place for kids! They got to make  a speech on video, dress up in old clothes, play with old-timey handmade toys, watch lots of little videos, play a trader computer game, and play with fake food while learning a lot about the history of Thailand and identity of Thai people….

We call buses “hot buses” or “cold buses” (air con). This was def. a hot bus.

The girls practiced their somtam making skills in this fun vendor cart.

Thai identity

Interesting definition of Buddhism: Buddhism is a clear and accurate understanding of reality as we humans experience it, without any speculation, appeal to faith or claim to supernatural authority.

Clash of American and Thai culture. This is the explanation from the card: “This traditional Thai theatrical crown (“chada”) was the one Lady Gaga wore in her 2012 world -tour concert in Thailand. Gaga borrowed it from one of her devotees in the audience crowd. Her wearing of this chada with the revealing outfit instigates controversy among Thai society.”

It’s rice harvest time in the Thailand country-side but we don’t see much of that where we live!

“Serious” pose. Silas kept sober for about two seconds.

Pretty consort of a former king

The kids got into making political speeches.

From pre-history to 50’s diner. See Miss Universe from Thailand on the wall there? Silas is apparently very hungry for some plastic chicken.

In the “future” Thailand room, you could write wishes or thoughts on the projector and see them up on the wall. I’m glad T still loves C in the future.

We almost missed this part of the musuem! As we were leaving, we noticed a “store” room which looked so real we thought it was, till we saw signs. So we played in there for a bit and then Eliza discovered a “freezer” with fake food and walked out the other side of it into this elaborate (and totally fake) restaurant! It was so weird- fancy, beautiful food, fully set tables and waiters in uniform! The kids LOVED it. Eliza is loading up at the dessert buffet. The  room was all about the history of fermented foods (as you can see from the jars in the background), so we learned about kimchi, fish sauce, fermented fish, etc.

See what I mean? So fancy!

Wandering the streets a bit in a strange part of town looking for lunch.

So amazing looking down this ordinary street and seeing the Temple of the Dawn at the end! (actually across the river)

And finally we found our lunch! Spicy shrimp/squid salad, fish and kale, omlette with pork and fried squid. Delicious, with sleepy kids and rain pouring down outside.

Tom and Silas left on the train later that night, so it was fun to have such a great family day before spending some time apart.


3 thoughts on “Siam Discovery

  1. Betsy says:

    Love the picture of Eliza and Silas tinking glasses at the “fancy restaurant”. Btw, I love the pic at the top of your blog!
    Love, Betsy

  2. Philip says:

    I love the “Thai Identity” pic. So interesting to think about.

  3. justcandice says:

    Thanks, B and P- the street scene is our flooded street and the neighbor maid’s red bike. 🙂

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