School Break!

Woah, things are getting pretty sporadic around the blog here.  Days and days of meetings and homeschool and rain just don’t feel very blogworthy! But instead of letting too much time pass without an update, I’ll share a few little things.  Tom is in the city teaching and buying train tickets this morning and the rest of us are here at home. We just finished our big review test day at the end of our school term. We’ve completed 17 weeks of school now and we’ll be taking October off like the rest of Thailand’s schools. I think we’re all looking forward to the change of pace for awhile.  Tom and Silas have a short trip planned too. After tests, we had a little celebration to pat ourselves on the back. We looked through our folders at all their past work and picked some favorites and had some carrot cake pancakes.

Yay! Done! Enjoy your break, hardworking students!

These two also had a great time at a sleepover at Rhonda’s last night! They watched Despicable Me, had some dessert, and fun talking time. Rhonda was over here a lot this week babysitting for lots of meetings and helping with homeschool. We are so thankful for her help!! Silas was a bit bummed to stay home but it was fun to have an “only child” and Tom and I painted with him and read him books in the tent Tom made in his bedroom.

This week we had the very interesting experience/privilege of meeting the Adams family and going along to meet and pick up their adopted daughter Maya from an orphanage here in Bangkok (it’s been a long journey for them!). This picture is from a few weeks ago when we went to meet Maya for the first time.  Wednesday was a wonderful day! It was so evident that God was smoothing the way to bring this family together. The workers at the baby home were so gracious and the family was able to get a tour of the building where Maya had lived. So special and Maya is adjusting wonderfully. Thank you, Adams family for letting us be a part of your big day!

Toothless Eliza is cute as a button.

They are done memorizing Ps. 19! I’ll try to post a video of them saying it sometime.

Silas in his school pajamas having a time out on the kitchen counter.

While my handsome husband makes from fried rice for lunch.

His fried rice is better than the Noodle Shop’s. Really!

Claire’s baptism is planned for Sunday! We found a location we are happy with and are looking forward to celebrating with the team! She’ll be baptized with two Thai friends.  Pictures soon!


One thought on “School Break!

  1. Michelle Classen says:

    Silas is sooooo cute! 🙂 Good luck with the discipline of one adorable little boy; makes it harder when he’s sooo cute I’m sure 🙂

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