Little Things

A few little odds and ends from our family life this week. After getting rested up at the beach, it was good to get back to normal life of Bible studies, teaching, and homeschool….

1)  Eliza made her own cute little loaf of bread. Thanks for the pan,  Grandmom!

2) Tom is reading Treasure Island to the girls- Eliza gets a little scared but Claire is really into it!

3) Claire is working on taming our lovebird, Luke Gaew (this was a birthday gift from me to Tom a few years ago). Tom clipped it’s wings and Claire loves to get it out of the cage and talk to it and play with it. He’s a good reading companion.

4) Us girls are still really enjoying our homeschool- it’s hard to believe we are a third of the year done!  Some current topics and subjects we are studying: state capitals, railroads and canals, metals and plastics, inventions, nutrition, ancient Greece,  Harriet Tubman, articles, writing descriptions, measuring,  Andy Warhol, the book Follow My Leader, and lots more!

Working on memorizing Psalm 19

5) Silas continues being Silas..

6) We got two amazing packages in the mail! One from Tom’s cousins and Laci and Allison- how fun!!! And one from Dietrich and Abigail. That huckleberry jam is about gone (Nutella too!) and we got the cutest homemade bags and shorts (below). Thanks again guys. We LOVED it!




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