Our Birthday Boy

Silas had a very hard time sleeping on his birthday-eve. He told us the next morning, “I couldn’t sleep but I HAD to sleep.” He also told me, “In the night, my heart changed from three to four. ” 🙂 He is a big time planner. On the days leading up to his birthday, he kept listing all the things we would or should do on his birthday often changing random parts- like I want a CHERRY birthday cake or we will make placecards.  🙂 As he came downstairs he said, “Maybe we should hang up balloons!” 🙂 He likes to plan those details.

When we finally arrived downstairs, he found out, we DID hang balloons, and put tiny party hats on tons of his toys and cars. He had a great time playing with those until his special birthday breakfast: chocolate cereal, blueberry muffins, and yogurt. (and opened his special aunt and grandparent mail). He also got a skype call from Aunt Abigail and Uncle Dietrich that made him grin like crazy (a great way to cheer up about spending his b’day at school!).

He headed off to school which was only tolerable because it was the day Daddy goes along and teaches…and his teachers gave him a giant robot/transformer that he was pretty excited about (why does he always get guns from his teachers???)

After school, we had planned an afternoon of fun at Funerium. It was a total surprise to him and he was there last time as a baby so he knew nothing about it. It was really fun to see his delight at everything. He loved the ball pit with the giant vacuum to suck up balls into the ceiling and the giant  “clummpity bumpity slide, the soccer field and best of all- a bike track! He raced and raced this little orange bike around the track, making fierce faces, going over the ramp, pretending he was Lightening McQueen winning the piston cup. 🙂 He was in little boy heaven!




Next we walked to McDonalds and he was excited to get a Happy Meal with another wild plastic toy, a hamburger, fries, apple and milo drink.  After a long taxi drive home (Daddy told him stories), we continued the party with presents and cake. Like every four year old, he was eager to tear through that pile! He got books, movies, digging toys, homemade cards from all of us and a whiffle ball set from Aunt Gail and Uncle Del (thank you! He loves it!).



Then he got his dump truck cake. I think he was most happy about the oreo “dirt” in the back. 🙂  After cake, he got a few stories (Little Golden books we gave him as gifts) and headed off to sleep with the girls (Lan was visiting and slept in his room last night).


We are so proud of our grown up boy.  We would be so bored without this guy to constantly entertain us and talk a mile a minute! God bless you Si-Si as you keep growing and becoming the really great person God made you to be!



4 thoughts on “Our Birthday Boy

  1. Gail says:

    Thanks for all the birthday pics – love all your creative ideas for making it special, Candice. Happy Birthday to the handsome 4 year old!!

  2. Sylvia says:

    Happy Birthday Silas! Wow, what a special day with party hat toys, cool dump truck cake, and fun riding bike and being with your family!
    Candice – what creativity! It’s obvious you love your children.

  3. Betsy says:

    I love the part where he said his heart changed from 3 to 4! Silas is so cool.
    Aunt Betsy

  4. Brittany Nisly says:

    I was going to say the same thing as Betsy…his heart changing from 3 to 4 was just precious. Also loved him planning out details of his big day. He is growing up so quickly!

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