Laos..on our way

Home again after a looooong night on the overnight train. The train bathroom about made me hit my upper limit for amount of grossness I can live with. Bleh. Anyway, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with all we need to do in the next few days- getting laundry done and repacked for the beach, getting everything ready for Si’s b’day, meetings with just about everyone on the team and getting through a bunch of homeschool goals for the week. Tom did mega amounts of laundry today and we had a great homeschool and got the grocery shopping done. I just put Si’s cake in the oven, so thought I would throw up some quick blog posts re: Laos while it bakes.

…Well that was two days ago and we’ve been running like crazy ever since!! I keep trying to find time to sit down and do this but things have been very rushed ever since we got home. Still not caught up, but I want to put up some Laos pictures before it’s time to blog Si’s birthday!

The day we left, Tom bought a bunch of dry ice to pack the sushi ingredients we took on the train for Pon. The kids had a great time playing with that!


Silas also made a beautiful painting with baking soda, a dropper, and food coloring/vinegar..

After a busy weekend of fun…and packing…we left on the train Sunday night…

Fortunately the way there was more pleasant than the way home….


The Hualomphong Train Station.

Top bunk. Move over kids! Daddy still has to get in there! 😉

Silas likes the view out the back window.

Next morning! We’re almost to Nongkhai Thailand where we will cross the bridge and the border into Laos by short bus ride. We’re pretty crowded in here! We had some pb/banana bread for breakfast in here.

More on Laos soon! The birthday boy just got home from school and he’s ready for his day of fun!!









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