Little Things

Time for another little things post. Life is speeding by right now and feels very full and busy. I am thankful for the “time out” days at home that the kids and I had together while Tom was in Ubon over the long holiday weekend. We did our school work, made art, ordered pizza, cried over Lewis, watched a lot of Olympic swimming, running, and gymnastics, and had a few friends over.  Now Tom is home and we have a week full of birthday, team meetings, a visitor, along with school and getting ready to leave for Laos! (Tom will report on his trip over at Learning Thai).

Little things…

1) We got a new team mate…Anabel from Nicaragua! We are learning to communicate in a broken English/Spanish mix until she learns Thai.

2) Silas loves playing trains with Daddy. Tom says Spencer is always angry and someone always gets lost and Hiro is discovered and get fixed.

A little reading or trains with the girls before school makes the morning routine a whole lot smoother.

3). Thought you might enjoy this super-flattering picture of me after surgery. I look like a lunch lady! 🙂 Got my bandage completely off this week and can now take actual, standing-up showers- heavenly! Now I’m ready for Laos and the beach!

4. Currently reading Thimble Summer with Eliza.

5. The girls have created a lot of cute art lately- this week we colored Gilbert Stuart’s portrait of George Washington, drew and water-colored wild flowers, made rolled can paintings, and drew scuba divers…

Holy Spirit doves from the retreat:

Claire loves creative writing. I’ll have to check with her to see if we can publish any on the blog.

6. Tom and I love having Rhonda here and being able to go on dates sometimes on the weekend (our goal is twice a month)…

An An Lao- a Chinese restaurant- Peking Duck is a specialty. We’ve always wanted to try it, so we went last Friday. The skin of the duck comes in crispy pieces that you roll up with cucumber and scallion in a thin pancake. Then you can choose how they prepare the meat…

We got ours with black bean sauce- delicious!

7. My friend Ju came over and we had a late supper after her Ramadan fasting (I’m not sure if curried crab is a normal or acceptable way to break the fast or not!). We watched the Olympic opening ceremonies- and Ju brought us a Japanese cheesecake to try. The adults were fans but not the kids (it’s fluffy and not sweet).


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