Remembering Lewis

Claire ♥ Lewis

I remember being so excited when I got Lewis.  I was so amazed when I saw his cage!  He’s so cute!!!

When I went to Virginia for my aunts’ weddings, Eliza and Daddy decided they needed a replacement Claire to hold Lewis. Eyeore is wearing my school uniform.

Lewis loved going in the house! He would sneak in whenever he got a chance! So for his first birthday, we ate a special dinner and let Lewis in the house and made him a vegetable birthday cake (Grandmom was there too).

Silas in his first birthday portraits, eating some of Lewis’s fur. Lewis was a patient bunny with all of Silas’s rough treatment!

Some of my cousins got to meet Lewis when they came to Thailand. Laci is an animal lover and she just loved Lewis!

Lewis didn’t really like to be held so we would have to chase him if we wanted to catch and hold him! But I liked to hold him- his fur was very soft and I liked his ears a lot. When he laid under the mango tree he would have his ears up sometimes. But when he was sleeping or trying to keep out noises, he put them flat against his head. For example, when it was raining and Silas was yelling, Lewis would put his ears down flat and eat his food.

When I would feed Lewis, I would shake his food container so he knew it was time to eat. He would always come this certain way. He would hop around to the back and then hop under the picnic table and then come to his bowl (he never came straight there, it was his little routine).

Time for salad, Lewis!

Lewis, young and frisky!

His “listening” look.

He was a good Easter Bunny.

And Christmas Bunny!  On Christmas morning, Daddy brought Lewis up to my bed to surprise me and wake me up. In this picture, Lewis looks a little grumpy because he doesn’t like the ribbon around his middle or being held!

Lewis even made into our last family picture/Christmas card. Daddy gave me Lewis to make me smile. It worked! See how he looks grumpy whenever he’s being held??


I love his big feet in this picture although sometimes he used them to get away!




One thing I liked about Lewis, was how he was kind of a unique bunny.  He loved to eat the bird’s seed. Whenever I took out the bowl to empty it and put in new for the birds, he would always come running and eat what I shook out. He was hard to resist so sometimes I let him eat from the bowl. I also gave it to him for a special treat. I took this picture a few weeks ago- our last picture of Lewis!

He was curious. He liked to sniff and bite a lot things. Daddy and Lewis always had a race when the mangos got ripe because when they fell on the ground, Lewis ate them!

Lewis was really precious to me. He made our yard seem more homey when I came outside. I would always watch him.  He lived for a long time for a rabbit. He was almost five years old- older than Silas!  I’m thankful for such a good pet. We will all miss Lewis.


6 thoughts on “Remembering Lewis

  1. Gail says:

    Claire, that is a very nice tribute to Lewis. We can tell that he was very special to you! I’m sure that you are sad and missing him, so we will pray for you. Aunt Gail

  2. Anita says:

    Thanks for sharing memories of Lewis! I never got to meet him, but I can tell he was very special for you. I’m so sorry that he is gone but glad you have so many good memories of him. love, Aunt Nita

  3. Delores Mast says:

    Claire , I loved this post, but it did bring tears to my eyes. But it made me laugh too. Yes Lewis was a very special bunny and I know you will miss him a lot. You have a lot of good pictures of him and you will always have good memories of him. I think he loved you too. You were such a good care taker and friend to him.
    I love you grandma Mast

  4. Bernie says:

    Ahh Claire. I am so sorry for the loss of a good pet. He has given you alot of good memories for your childhood hasn’t he. thanks for sharing such a good tribute with us and good pictures too! When I was little I had to say good bye to alot of puppies, so I know how much it hurts to lose a good pet. hugs to you ~~ Aunt Bernie

  5. Brenda says:

    This is a nice tribute to Lewis. We’re sad with you that he is gone. James and I chuckled at the “mad bunny” pictures, and at Eyeore disguised as Claire!! Too funny! We were going to say which picture was our favorite, but we couldn’t decide – there are sooo many good ones!! Thanks for taking time to do this!

  6. Brittany Nisly says:

    Such a great post Claire! He was such a good bunny and you took such great care of him! I loved the picture of you two when you are both so young and little.

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