Thai Hospital: Awesome and Awkward

So, I got the pin taken out of my toe on Saturday and I thought I’d give you a little recap of what the hospital experience is like in Thailand (or ways that it is not quite the same as the U.S.)…

First of all, the hospital has everything: the kid’s pediatrician, my dentist, eye dr. and pretty much anything else you could need.  I love that it’s one stop shopping!

Also, every Saturday, there is a  group playing live classical music in tuxedos! Somehow going to the hospital feels a little more relaxing and cheerful with some live music going on.

It is SERIOUSLY old-timey looking. Like the x-ray machine looks like it’s from the 50’s and the colors are all pale green and that awful tan. The nurses wear caps- no kidding! The care is good and up to date for the most part, but it just looks ancient.

Funny things happen that would not happen in the States. For example, after my surgery,  the nurses put me on a stretcher thing and wheeled me to the room where I would be admitted.  On the way, we got on a regular elevator which was really small and FULL of people. So they were all lined up around the perimeter of my bed awkwardly looking/not looking at me. Tom was with me and I was trying really hard not to bust out laughing- it was so awkward! I was filling up at least 3/4 of the elevator and everyone else was crammed in there facing me. Also, as I was waiting to go into surgery, lying on the table in scrubs and a “shower cap”, someone from the financial office came and asked for payment. Another awkward moment sitting up, digging out my credit card and then signing the receipt just before we headed in. 🙂

I shared a room with an beautiful and ancient lady who mumbled throughout the night and got a crazy amount of bed baths with lots of splashing water, even in the middle of the night! Her two daughters stayed with her constantly.

The food was “room service” style- I called up and ordered from a menu. My friend Lynn came to visit and we had a fun picnic, both sitting in my bed eating spaghetti with shrimp.

When I’ve gone back for subsequent check-ups and bandage changes, I’ve noticed a couple of things…they always do weight and blood pressure in the waiting room. When you get off the scales, they announce the number loudly to the other nurse in front of the whole waiting room of people. Blush. But I have to admit, I was interested and listening to other people’s weights too!

The iodine is kept in a big glass bottle/cruet with a glass stopper and pour spout. It looked like I was getting my wound cleaned with soy sauce or a delicious vinaigrette.

And the dr. and nurses names are lo-ong and hard to remember. My dr.’s name was Dr. Viwat Chava**pa**it (I don’t want him to find this if he googles himself 🙂 . I was happy he went by Dr. Viwat (pronounced Wiwat).

Dr. Viwat was awesome- he always bounced in so cheerfully, making jokes (this definitely won’t hurt…ME!).  Even though he is a surgeon, he saw me at every appointment and checked up on my little wound- even cleaning it sometimes. If  I ever break something else, Dr.  Viwat is my guy for sure.

Thankful for the lovely, thorough nurses and funny AND competent doctor and that I live in a country with great medical care!



4 thoughts on “Thai Hospital: Awesome and Awkward

  1. Rebekah says:

    Thanks for sharing! This was hilarious! I’m glad your pin is out!

  2. Delores Mast says:

    great post! made me laugh !Hope the toe is good as new!

  3. Betsy says:

    Hilarious! I laughed out loud a couple times reading the elevator story! And the payment right before surgery. So funny!

  4. Brittany Nisly says:

    Okay I am getting caught back up on your blog…it’s been a while! But I love this story. He elevator story cracked me up! How awkward…I’m glad that Tom was with you to enjoy the awkwardness though 🙂

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