Little Things

Wow, this blog is just about only “little things” these days! I did two other posts over on Learning Thai if you are interested about the weekend retreat we just had and how things are going in our little church. Aside from homeschooling, and Tom’s teaching, and team stuff…here are a few of the little things going on in our lives lately.


I wish you could have seen how dramatic he was being when I took this. Intensely singing Life is a Highway, his current favorite song. Oh, and he had Tom hold the harmonica so he could play it and guitar at the same time. Little Bruce Springsteen over here.



Eliza working hard on a science experiment about water mixtures- solutions, evaporation, etc.  She was very into this. Other current homeschool subjects and projects: Art Appreciation: Renoir,  the Revolutionary War, Sign of the Beaver book, Little House on Rocky Ridge book, Bible memory, writing couplets, syllables, adverbs, Encyclopedia of the Human Body (skin, nails, hair), What Makes You Ill , math, how motors work, drawing body parts.

Tom and I had a really fun date for Japanese food at Oishi while Rhonda took the kids to play at her apartment. It was so fun! We shopped at the Japanese dollar store (actually the 69 baht store) and I got a cute polk dot serving bowl and a dough scraper.


Girls reading at the retreat. They are still as much into reading as ever; hours daily. They enjoy their weekly times with Rhonda, and playing “taken up” (ask them). Tom is reading Phantom Tollbooth to them while I’ve been having nightly reading time with Silas (Red Fish Blue Fish, Things that Go, Bears in the Night). Claire and I are still on Where the Red Fern Grows.

Toe update: I got my stitches out  a week and a half ago and (hopefully) get the pin out Saturday (hope, hope, hope). In the meantime I’ve got a little infection and a big lecture from my dr. about not getting one speck of wet on it (hard to do during the humid rainy season!). Taking antibiotics and hoping for the best on Saturday. So ready to be done with it and off to Laos and the beach in Aug!

That’s about it for now…



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