It’s the Little Things

More little things from our life at home…..

I’m always finding art and craft projects for the girls and sometimes I forget toddler crafts for our  Si Si (that’s what they call him at school and how he’s started introducing himself to people). On Friday he did some homeschool (workbook work) with me and we made glitter playdoh. He’s doing really well with school lately. As long as he gets his post-breakfast train/car play with the girls, he’s usually okay to go with only minor complaints/no crying.

Our little team mate Brennan is celebrating his 6th birthday this week. He’s a major angry birds fan, so we had a fun little party at our church meeting on Friday- all angry bird presents (angry birds is a big deal in Thailand so finding stuff isn’t hard at all!). ( I found erasers for the cupcake picks).

The feet are healing- I’m going up and down stairs much more spry-ly now.  Be glad I didn’t post one that shows the wires sticking out both sides. Ugh. This pic is pre-surgery.


2 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things

  1. Carrie says:

    OUCH, girl!!!!

  2. Bernie says:

    Love your posts! I would so gladly entertain Silas on some of his nighttime adventures…for snacks. (: He is just too cute. You sound like you are doing an awesome job of teaching & making it fun. Sorry about the toe accident! Keep blogging, cause we’re reading! Hugs

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