It’s the little things…

Feeling the need for a little weekly summary of the little things in our home life that we might be interested in knowing about/remembering again someday. I’ll try to do this at the end of the week, but let’s start with last week for now…

*Lately we’re into eating outside at our little picnic table on the back patio. Very often, about 4:00, the wind starts blowing and the sky gets dark and we get a nice rain storm. We all gravitate outside to enjoy the cool breezes and then often eat out there too. It’s so fun to watch and smell the rain while we eat. The sensation of a cool breeze is pretty rare around here! Mornings are sticky hot as ever.

*Silas continues to be as into Lightening McQueen as ever. Yesterday, Tom bought him two songs from the movie and he looooooves driving car around the circle sing/shouting “LIFE IS A HIGHWAY!”

*Getting out of bed repeatedly is a problem with Silas right now. We have been pretty frustrated, so I threatened to make a chart and if he gets out of bed or throws fits he will lose his Friday showing of “Cars”.  Even the threat of a chart was enough. He stayed in bed last night after anxiously asking me apprx. 1,000 times if he would have to have a chart. Hope it lasts. Tired of hearing our door creaking open just when we started the parent relaxation part of the evening. (and finding empty gummy worm bags downstairs in the morning).

*Reading “Wheel on the School” with Eliza and “Where the Red Fern Grows” with Claire. I remember my fifth grade teacher reading “Where the Red Fern Grows” to my class and even Josh, the coolest boy in my class cried! Imagine me and Claire- we are going to be weeping! I also remember watching the movie the night Dietrich was born at home (that was some distracted movie watching). Eliza and I LOVE “Wheel” and can’t wait to see if the storks finally come to Shora! Silas is into “Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel”, “Blueberries for Sal”, “Big Bad Bruce”, “Good Night, Good Night Construction site” and lots of others. Tom is reading”Jungle Book” and “The Winter Rescue (Sugar Creek Gang)” with Claire and Eliza.

*2nd and 4th grade homeschool right now is covering some of the following: the 13 colonies, art appreciation (Mary Cassatt this week), synonyms, mystery writing, missionary stories, houses and homes, electricity and magnetism, spelling, poetry, drawing queens, memorizing Psalm 103, etc.

*One of our weeknight dates is listening to NPR’s All Songs Considered show and playing a game – last night was Yahtzee- Tom won all three games, btw (this will be a helpful record when Tom claims that I win all games).

*Also reading “Speaking of Jesus” (which we’ll be discussing at our team weekend retreat later this month) and Anne Tyler’s “Tin Can Tree.” I’ll read anything she writes! For devotions, reading, “The Jesus Storybook Bible” which connects old testament stories to Jesus. We really like it.

*Eating gallo pinto (beans and rice mixed and fried) weekly these days.  Also lots of Thai food (of course) and healthy lunch salads.

*I injured my toe last Thursday at the pool and spent an overnight in the hospital having toe surgery on Sat.  Now taking lots of medicines, trying to keep my toe dry (awkward showers) and propping it up when I can plus walking without bending it (awkward walking).

*Sunday night we had a family date- our favorite family meal – moo yang (grilled pork), somtam (papaya salad) and sticky rice and watched the movie Hugo. We all liked it.



3 thoughts on “It’s the little things…

  1. Anita says:

    Yes, good to have a record of the true game stats! A constant back-and-forth at our house! Thanks for the window into your daily life–would love to sit on the patio with you in a rain storm and eat sticky rice, grilled pork, and somtam.

  2. Martin says:

    I’m looking forward to when my kids are old enough to enjoy longer books 🙂 But for now, there is always Mike Mulligan and the Little House. I also remember watching Where the Red Fern Grows during Dietrch’s birth. That and the Love Bug! Sorry about the toe. I hope you are back to your sprightly self soon.

    • justcandice says:

      Thanks, Martin. It does get more and more fun to share books as they get older! I forgot about the LoveBug! (my kids like that movie too).

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