Happy Birthday Candice!

Last week Candice turned 30-something and we had a fun time celebrating as a family. We got up early to make her breakfast (baked pancakes). The girls helped and Silas ran upstairs to report on what we were doing. Silas and I then spent the morning at school while Candice and the girls did some homeschool. In the afternoon we sent Candice off to explore Ikea and a new mall that opened up while we were gone. She claims that shopping alone is a heavenly experience as opposed to shopping with the 4 of us tagging along and “rushing her.” We met her there later for some fancy hamburgers and then came home to give her presents (earrings, beach bag, Thai art) and a badly decorated peach cake.

Happy birthday darling – we’re so lucky to have you. You are a great example of love, compassion, and graciousness. I love you!

Taking a break from homeschool for birthday pictures.

At the mall

The girls with their present.


One thought on “Happy Birthday Candice!

  1. Gail says:

    Looks like a fun birthday! Candice, your hair is looking cute, and love your new bag!

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