Just One More

One more final Delaware post for some of the pictures I just love that don’t fit into any of the post themes so far.   We miss you, Delaware!

Claire and Blake on the camping trip. More camping pics on Learning Thai. 

The yurt we slept in – right by the pond!

Cousins cracking up.

Licking homemade ice cream from the paddle. ….eaten later with fresh strawberries. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Grandma teaching us songs from the old Sunday School book.

More reading with Grandpa.

Delighted to run errands in the truck.

Fun catching up with my friend Carrie and family.

Hours with the cousins in the sandbox.

Headed to Tim and Diana’s wedding.  It was so fun to go to Tom’s cousin’s wedding. This was Eliza’s first American wedding so it was a very riveting and wonderful experience for her- especially since she got to sit near the front with Grandpa and Grandma!

A photo book for Mom’s mother’s day gift. The men spoiled the ladies by cooking a wonderful picnic- thanks again, guys!

Okay, back to reality on the blog now! We have so many wonderful things to remember and already can’t wait for more times like that next summer!




One thought on “Just One More

  1. Eve says:

    What a great family photo of you guys!

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