Wet and Sandy at Grottos

Tom’s family has a back-to-school tradition of going to the boardwalk at Rehobeth beach for Grottos pizza. We moved the tradition up a few months this year and had a fun night.

Before supper, we took a short stroll on the beach.  At first the kids were content to calmly stand and look at the waves…..

And pose for pictures (please note that Silas’s pants are already wet).

But you could just see that Silas was not going to be content to just look. Oh no…

He took a few staggering steps and fell right in. And then, aided by an accidental push from a sister, he did it again and was drenched, head to toe.

So basically he had no clothes and a rear end full of sand for a family meal at a restaurant. Sigh. Thanks to Ezra, we got a pull-up and pants and made do with his own jacket and hat. He was a sight for sure. He couldn’t have loved it more.

Eliza and Aunt Michelle passing the time waiting for pizza

Seriously yummy pizza

The other end of the table. Hi George and Mindy!

We passed on boardwalk rides in favor of taking the kids back to the beach to watch this digger at work… and then met up for ice cream on the way home.



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