Chicky Chick Chicks (by Claire and Eliza)

Eliza: We went to the post office and we got some chicks! The chicks were from Iowa.  We got them in a box and we took them to the nursing home. The people liked them!

Claire: Grandma was surprised that we showed up at the nursing home! In the box, there was one who was different. He was smaller, and he had furry feet and he was black. We named him Robert. He was all of the cousin’s favorite.

Eliza: We kept them in a big box in the house at first.  But then we moved them into the barn into a cage. We went to the barn to visit them sometimes.

Claire: There were differnet kinds of chicks.  There were Buff Cochins which were smaller. And there were roosters which were a little bigger and more white and the normal kind. I liked holding them a lot because they were so fluffy and soft- I thought they were so sweet.

Eliza: Grandpa marked one on the head with a red marker and weighed it. The next day after the day he weighed it, it gained 14% more. It was growing fast! I liked the chicks very much.




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