A Picnic and Girly Sleepover

One of the girl’s favorite parts of being in Delaware was many fun times with their two cousins, Allison and Laci. Both girls had them over for a sleepover and they also came  to “our” house (Grandmas) for one.   First of all though,  we had a picnic that night worth documenting.

While Grandpa grilled steaks…..

Claire read “The Silver Chair” to me. Grandaddy and Grandmom gave Claire a wonderful gift- a whole hard-back set of The Chronicles of Narnia!

And Eliza capped strawberries for sauce…

And suddenly my girls turned into Annie Oakley with a bb gun….

Then we enjoyed garden bounty along with our steaks

And rhubarb cake to top it off. Spoiled, spoiled us.

Tommy and his mommy and daddy- how cute! 🙂

And a chat with Grandpa.

A great meal and a great memory!


And then….the girly sleepover began…..first some song performances for Grandma’s video camera, and the watching of those performances (sippin’ cider through a straw)…

Charlotte’s Web made us laugh…then cry.  “Only the BOYS didn’t cry.”  Colorful manicures too.

Making soft pretzels for a bedtime snack.

Then putting on matching kitty nightgowns that Grandma secretly made and surprised us with!

hugs and giggles



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