Tom is 37!

Tom says he hasn’t celebrated a birthday at his home sweet Delaware home since 1997. He got to this year! His mama even baked his cake (banana and delicious!).   In the morning, the kids and I along with Dad (Mom had to work) fixed him a celebratory breakfast of oatmeal pancakes and scrapple (a DE favorite of his).  The girls were in charge of fixing up the table fancy and they did a great job!

He got some sweet homemade cards from the kids. This one is made to look like a laptop from Eliza.

Presents on the porch

The promise of a coffee date with Eliza back home at a BKK Starbucks.

A family bike ride to Newton pond. This was Eliza’s last ride in the kid carrier. After this day she firmly resolved to ride her own bike on the “next family bike ride.” And she did. We hurried back to beat the rain clouds.

And then, on to the secret location. Tom didn’t know anything about our evening plans. First the babysitters arrived (thanks, cousins Doug and Ashley!!), then the siblings showed up and we all drove together to The Old Mill Crab House. It had been five years since we went there for all-you-can-eat crabs and it’s one of the best meals ever. 🙂

The first of many.

Thanks for joining us, family!

xxoo. I love you, honey! Happy birthday (eek, you’re 37!).

And then back to the house for two birthday cakes. Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate covered strawberries for the beautiful Michelle, our sister-in-law who shares Tom’s b’day.

Thanks, everybody for helping us to have a great day celebrating Tom! We love you, babe!




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