News with Gramps


Silas and Grandpa developed a pretty regular habit when we staying with Tom’s parents.  Most mornings, Silas would wake up bright and early and go straight downstairs to find Gramps drinking his first coffee and reading the newspaper. I just asked Silas about it and he said he would “hop up on Grandpa’s lap and he would read me the newspaper.” I asked him what the news was about and he thought for a minute and said, “The Orioles winning…..people crossed over.” That last one is the obituaries if you didn’t get that. 🙂  A little thumb sucking for Silas, some snuggling, and the news with Gramps- a great start to his day.


One thought on “News with Gramps

  1. Anita says:

    LOVE all the catch-up posts! My thought when seeing this picture is that he looks like an older, dark-haired Atticus!

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