Yesterday we had a wonderful day in Philadelphia visiting Tom’s brother, George and his wife, Mindy.  We loved it! We started out the day right by stopping for breakfast at Helen’s Sausage House- perfect for anyone who loves Elvis and a bun stuffed with a fried egg and giant sausage…or two in Tom’s case :)..

Then is was on to the Please Touch Museum, an amazing kid’s museum in Fairmount Park, in the beautiful Memorial Hall.

The museum was totally interactive and just perfect for Si. I loved how he climbed right inside to do maintenance on this car.

The grocery store was amazing, complete with registers, aisles, a bakery, etc! I really wanted to grab a cart and shop too!

Eliza got pretty busy with customers at her register.

Claire took her time and did menu planning as she went. Here she is explaining how she is going to make lemon fish for dinner.

Silas being examined by an expert young doctor.

In the Alice and Wonderland hall of mirrors

Having some tea with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare.

Trains with Gramps.  Other parts of the museum we loved: rainforest, waterways, space, and shoe store. So much fun!!

After the museum, we went to another part of Fairmount Park, Smith Playground. We had a chilly picnic on the grass and George and Mindy joined us and brought big chewy soft pretzels. Really good with spicey mustard. We played on that playground the rest of the afternoon- so much unique playground equipment!

Our favorite thing was this big wooden slide- loved equally by the kids and adults! 🙂 Family slide- weeee!

Claire spinning helplessly! 🙂 She was hilarious on this because she couldn’t stop herself and would start shrieking for help when it got too out of control.

After a quick stop at George and Mindy’s to see their house and get a little rest, we headed out for dinner in the Italian Market area. We stopped in a few shops to look at cheese, spices, etc. Silas said, “This stores stinks!” and it was pretty rank with cheese and meat. We got samples of cheese and chocolate and Tom bought some olives to bring home.

Eliza at Di Bruno Bros.

Dinner at Villa di Roma. Thank you, George and Mindy for the amazing meal!

Having some water ice with Gramps. The girls were very impressed by the fact that President Obama ate lemon ice there one time.

We love Philly! Can’t wait to come again soon!


One thought on “Philly

  1. Carrie says:

    Looks like lots of fun! Now I know where to go if we take a trip to Philly! Thanks. 🙂

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