A Rainbow Seventh

Our sweet Eliza turned seven on April 26.  She was really involved with the planning this year and helped get things ready for her party.  Last year, she celebrated with cousins in Morocco, this year, she got to have her cousins, Laci and Allison from Delaware at her party and Grandpa and Grandma too! We settled on a rainbow theme and here are a few of the highlights…

A relaxing morning eating pancakes and opening presents….

And the rainbow party after the cousins got home from school….

painting rainbow suncatchers

Allison, Claire, Eliza, Laci

Eliza is a good little magician. She made a quarter dissapear and cotton balls go through cups.

Absorbed in the magic show. Eliza wouldn’t reveal her tricks.

Eliza’s birthday dinner request: “salad”. We made personal pizzas to go with the salad.

Eliza and I had fun making this tie dyed cake and Eliza decorated her cake this year. Good job, E!

Other party highlights: the girls played dress up, they pretended they were cats, they ate a LOT of rainbow colored candy, and we watched home movies from Eliza’s babyhood.

Eliza has been growing up fast lately it seems. A few of her recently acquired skills:

Bike riding

Shoe tying

blowing bubble gum bubbles



We are proud of our girl! Love you so much, Eliza Grace Mast.


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