Old friends/New friends

Our time in Ohio was very full- we had a great time catching up with a lot of our old friends and making new ones too.  Many friends invited us over for meals- we loved having pizza and spending time with our missionary support team,  eating with Steve and Phyllis’s small group and at a potluck with our church. We had chai with Abraham and Naomy and a great time eating lasagna (and some great coffee!) and  talking about Spain and Thailand with Kevin and Wendy and kids. Keith and Shannon took great care of us from having us over for pizzza and basketball to providing bikes for our kids to ride and new kittens for them to pet! Mim from RMM took our kids out for pizza and bowling (very brave!). 🙂 We had a playdate with Becky and kids and Emma and Claire both had sleepovers at the other’s house.  Becky, Sharon and I caught up at Panera one evening. We had popcorn at Elisha’s house and taco salad for lunch with RMM.   Here are a few other new and old friends we spent time with….

We had a great night with a lot of our former Reachers in Thailand and a very authentic Thai meal.  We’ve really missed you guys!

Naty Peachy made us a wonderful Venezualan lunch and we took a walk to get some Ecuadorian snacks (Dion, Tom and I were on a Reach team to Ecauador).  Our kids enjoyed some time with Marcus and Gabby.  Thanks for the fun afternoon, guys!

More old friends. Kami, Eve and I worked together as foster care consultants for several years.  I love it that we’ve stayed friends over the years and still get together for our Cracker Barrel- marathon- catch -up -talk every so often. Back then, Eve was single and Kami and I were just starting families- now we have 8 kids and three husbands between us. 🙂 Love you two!

Paul and Silas. A classic duo. 🙂 I’ll do another post on our weekend in Holmes County, but Silas and Rhonda’s dad just hit it off so much- a great new friend.

One morning we had some coffee and smoothies at Hemisphere Coffee with Hans and Joelle (Joelle and her sister Trudi were both Reachers in Thailand). We got to take the adorable Marley to the library with us. Another night, Hans, Joelle, and Trudi kept all three of our kids and let us explore North Columbus and have a wonderful Mediterranean meal and Jenni’s ice cream. Thanks,  again, so much for being such great friends and giving us an evening to be lovebirds.

One really fun Saturday we got together at Prairie Oaks Park to hang out with David and Lisa Swartz and Ryan and Kris Freed. The kids were excited to have a  chance to play on a playground and fish a little (thanks ,Ryan!) and have a picnic lunch.  We have a combined 11 kids! (one wasn’t there and an additional one  is on the way). Photo by Lisa Weaver Swartz.

I just love older kids who are nice to our younger kids! Mandi was such a great friend. The girls loved jumping on the trampoline and having a tea party by the fireplace with her. Kendra and Justin were also super kind to our kids as well as the Swartz kids,  Larissa, Kevin, Denae, and Bryce. Thanks guys!

One of the great things about living at the Elisha house, an apartment on the grounds of  the RMM office, was the fact that the playground area and soccer field out front were always swarming with kids! All three kids would run out every afternoon and play endless running games with about three families worth of kids. As soon as supper was over they were running out the door to find them again. 🙂

Hannah was an especially good friend for Claire. They got chicks which Claire could have played with all day. Hannah made Claire a beautiful handkerchief with her name embroidered on it.  So sweet!

I’m sure I am forgetting something we did, but thank you to all the wonderful friends in Ohio who took good care of our needs and helped us to have such a good time. We appreciate Shirley so much for filling our fridge and having the Elisha house so warm and welcoming for us.


2 thoughts on “Old friends/New friends

  1. Brittany Nisly says:

    Looks like you guys fit quite a bit in during your visit! I enjoy seeing pictures and hearing about how you guys are spending your time in America. It just makes me happy 🙂 so glad that I was able to see you guys!

  2. rdswartz says:

    Thanks for sharing the update and pictures. It was wonderful to have ya’ll around – although the time just went by much too quickly. We look forward to your return next year! 🙂 Praying that God will abundantly bless your next 12 months of ministry in Thailand. Thanks for keeping in touch!

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