Cold and Windy Easter


Easter in Thailand is always a VERY VERY hot holiday. You’ve probably seen pictures of the kids hunting Easter eggs in our front yard with the sweat pouring and hair plastered to heads. Not this year!  It was the coldest and windiest egg hunt ever!! We had a wonderful Maundy Thursday service at our church c/o Rueben and Vicki which included art, communion, and our imaginations. We read through the whole story in our family devotions. Sunday it was wonderful to be in our home church for Easter and the Swartz’s kindly adopted us into their family for an A-MAZ-ING Easter dinner! Thanks, guys for giving us a home for the day and taking such good care of us! Our other family celebrations included making neon dipped eggs and having our own little hunt and Easter egg buckets with treats. One Easter reflection that stuck in my mind was from the Thursday service. Vicki asked us to imagine that we were disciples with Jesus in Gethsemane and to think about how Jesus would sound and look as he woke you up. I thought of all the times I’ve “fallen asleep” rather than staying close to Jesus and how he has to keep waking me up with such love and patience. Thank you, Jesus, for your unending love and grace in my life!









One thought on “Cold and Windy Easter

  1. Beth says:

    ok….i absolutely love all of the crazy faces silas makes! both the one on here and the adorable picture of him freaking out about the bug tom has in his hand made me laugh out loud…thanks for putting up so many pictures! i love it =]

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