Progressive supper

Most of my siblings have new houses since our last time in the States, so my sister Rebekah planned a progressive supper for us so we could house hop and have a dinner course at each house, all in one night. How fun! We had 1/2 hour per house, so we would swoop in, look for toys, have a quick chat, stuff our faces, and move on. At the end of the night we all met up at Martin and Sylvia’s for some late night games and a little longer conversations. Thanks, sibs! 

Location 1: Appetizer, Anita and David and Atticus Clymer (cheese and black bean quesadillas)



Entertaining Atticus with Itsy Bitsy Spider


Location two: salad, Dietrich and Abigail Ewing (spinach, mandarin egg salad…and bread)


Location 3: Main course,  Rebekah and Jared Stutzman (lasagna, bread, peas)


Enjoying the view from Aunt Rebekah’s back yard



Location 4: Dessert, Martin and Sylvia, Elliot, Vincent, and Annaliese Rhodes (brownies and ice cream)



Philip and Betsy were in class and working so it didn’t work out for them, but they made up for it a few days later with a big breakfast of giant pancakes and sausage gravy! 

Thanks again everyone! We loved it! 


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