Hurray for Sparkling Springs

Hurray for:

…the giant extended Rhodes family getting away from life for a few days and hiding out in the woods together

….getting to know and remember the names of a whole lot of aunts and uncles.

….. lots of games of Dominion.

….. Dad’s party mix.

…..walks in the woods and playing with cousins.

… riding and smores

….sleeping in cabins

Thanks, Mom and Dad for hosting us and making the getaway possible!

A few of my favorite pics ….




(poor Claire scraped her chin and sprained her wrist on our first day here riding a runaway bike downhill. She got x-rayed on Monday and got a splint- she’s back to normal now)

Oh my- how sweet is this picture?? My newest nephew, Atticus.

Eliza getting to know her newest aunt, Abigail.

A dance train to “In That Day” a song written by Uncle Philip that is a favorite of all the kids.

The whole bunch (minus Atticus taking a nap). Dear Carmen, Jason, Dara, Lydia, Luke, Elijah and Isaac- we missed you very, very much and have high hopes that we will all be together next summer!!! Much love.


Group photo via Anita Clymer.


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